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puréed - created - served. So easy to make people happy.

– Hans-Joachim Koch, Küchenmeister + Fachberater


The pürform food system has been developed for all residents and patients who rely on puréed food, due to their age or due to difficulties in chewing or swallowing.

With this system the food is first puréed before being returned to a form very similar to the original food by means of special moulds.  Furthermore, pürform can be fully adapted to suit the individual

needs of the patients. If, for example, many of the residents need only have the meat puréed. And, in order to be able to ensure sufficient quantities of nutrients in smaller portions you also have the opportunity to introduce additional nutritional supplements such as cream, butter, maltodextrin, protein powder, etc. into the puréed food.



Previously the puréed food was mixed with sauce or broth.  The resident would then be served with three small heaps that run into one another to a greater or lesser extent. This form of presentation was neither appetising nor aesthetic.

With pürform you now have the option to present the puréed food in a form that is appetisingly close to its original form.  This gives the resident the pleasant feeling of having the same food as their neighbours at the table.



Something good is being served up today:  Potatoes, vegetables, cutlets, chicken legs, sausages, fish fillet - our versatile silicone moulds return a great variety of foods to their natural, tasty form.

A demonstration video and delicious recipe ideas introduce you step-by-step to the practical world of our system.  And, after a short familiarisation period you will be sure to be putting your own recipe ideas into practice - tailored to your establishment and the needs of your residents and patients.


Incidentally:  If you produce for storage, you can always have a few portions in the freezer compartment that you can regenerate and serve at short notice in the event of bottlenecks.

our forms - your benefits

Ihre Vorteile

  • Appreciation for your kitchen and your establishment
  • Clever recipes
  • Able to produce for storage
  • Nutritional density can be changed
  • Suitable binding agent
  • Easy handling
  • Mould versatility
  • Moulds made from food-safe silicone 
  • Suitable for dishwashers

our support für your new system

We will not leave you on your own - we offer you.

  • A product range with the various different silicone  moulds for diverse menu planning
  • An illustrated step-by-step guide with recipes and hygiene tips
  • A helpful internet site with illustrative example video